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Sponsored links are text or image ads shown on Google search results. They are considered the most effective form of online advertising.

Our offer covers the entire process of managing campaigns in Google search:

  • We prepare a list of optimal keywords for which the campaign should be displayed.

  • We conduct estimation of traffic which will be generated in a specific period of time.

  • We select the ad texts making it the effect you want to achieve.

  • After the start of the campaign we analyze up to date the achieved results and on this basis we make optimization campaign.

The user acquired through a campaign on Google is considered the most valuable client and have an impact on such facts as:

  • Users search for specific keywords, so our advertising presented for such a word is the way to meet user expectations.

  • Users are looking for information that is why the sponsored links are an addition to what you will find in the natural search results - it makes links the least aggressive form of advertising.

  • Internet users have the highest confidence in the results of search engines and more than 60% of people using them, do not know the difference between natural and paid search results.

  • Campaigns sponsored links enable you to track user behavior on the site through Google Analytics statistics that show how much time a user spends on our site, how many pages he visited, what actions he does, how quickly he left our website, etc.

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