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Printed materials are still the most popular choice among promotional tools, for many companies. While preparing this kind of performances we pay special attention to the fact that each element has been carefully designed or selected. We prepare all the projects ready to print according to customer specifications.

Advertising Folders

Folders and advertising catalogs are one of the most widespread forms of presentation of the traditional print advertising. Depending on your needs it can be even a several dozen - paged publication of various shapes, setting, format and method of browsing.

Advertising product is more than just graphic design, thus preparing the correct folder is a goal that motivates us - we realize that the discovery of appropriate graphic form should result from the content presented therein.

Well realized project with the appropriate choice of material raises the prestige of the publication, and while acquiring the information, it gives a feeling of satisfaction from reading the advertising folder.

Business Cards

Each representative of the company knows how important in establishing business relationships with other companies is the exchange of data and leaving contact information. That's why business cards we design are made for individual customers, without imposing rigid template of the final design, which not always fully reflect the industry, and especially is not unique so nothing stands out.

We create projects of single - and double-sided business cards previously examining the scope of activity of the client to fully reproduce its character. We maintain the right balance between graphics and content presented, bearing in mind that the visual message should not shade the most important data - a contact to the person to whom the card belongs.


Leaflet as a form of card or a folding booklet is ideal for quick advertising spread. It is a cheaper alternative for large format printing and its manner of distribution makes it reach quickly a large number of recipients.

Although flyers are one of the most effective forms of promotion, most often after receiving it we just throw them in the trash. That's why we make sure that the project we realize attracts attention but at the same time provides only essential information necessary to show interest in the product or service promoted. When it comes to designing leaflets, the appropriate balance of form and contained information is the guarantor of effective communication.


Posters as an essential element of trade fairs fulfill a very useful role in attracting the attention to our stand, thus allowing the company's employees the direct contact with a potential client.

Thousands of possible motives, custom ideas, best practices and slogans – that’s how posters designed by our company look like.

How we convince our customers about our effectiveness? We do not have to – many visitors coming to your exhibition stands shall do it for us.

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