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Public relation is an effective form of communication with the market environment and the key target groups of customers.

We develop and execute both: comprehensive communication strategies for companies as well as individual public relation projects.

We manage the information comprehensively and effectively, which has a direct impact on the image of the customer.

We specialize in working with the media presenting and dealing with issues of real estate, housing market and investing in real estate.

We provide communication support for the press office or the creation of an external PR department. We support the company's strengthening position in the market by:

Public relation activities focused on:

  • Promotion of its investments and projects (preparation of information and press articles)

  • Full service of press conferences and the preparation of professional materials for the media (Press Pack)

  • Communicating information about the company - its experience, history and competence

  • Increasing knowledge about the company among the journalists of local and national media

  • Running custom actions, which draw the attention of the media and the target group for the company and its activities

  • Keeping constant research topics, for use both in communication pro-active and resulting interest and questions the media which flow into the company.

The foundation of our services is oriented goals and a comprehensive and professional service quality. Our consultants are people with many years of experience in communication, so that each client provide efficient and professional services tailored to the current needs.

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