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Graphic advertising is one of the forms of communication, which reception on the Internet is considered to be the easiest.

With HTML5 technology we create dynamic creations such as banners, billboards, skyscrapers, rectangles, advertising pop-ups, and other custom forms according to the specifications provided by the client.

Our creations made in HTML5 are consistent with the established communication, and as a display form they drag Internaut’s attention without being intrusive. They connect the written word with the graphics, and through the animation attract the attention of the recipient and cause his curiosity. The lightness of the delivery form, the attractiveness of the realization and accuracy in the selection of the promoting phrase often translates to undertake interaction - click on the ad by the user.

In addition to visual advertisements we also prepare interactive animations used as a form of entertainment, to make time spent on the website more pleasant for the user, or perform additional navigation features.

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